Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

No debate?

The debate might be canceled for tonight? Oh, no. Here in Spain, we're all set for it.

On television, TVE-1, Antenna 3, and CNN+ will carry it live with simultaneous translation. CNN International will also carry it live and in the original English. In addition, Radio Nacional de España will carry it live, translated, followed by more news about the exciting, important election in "USA" (pronounced "OO-sah") (honest).

And because all this will be at 3 a.m. Spanish time, the debate will be recorded and shown Saturday evening at Casa de America in Madrid, a cultural center for North, South, and Central America. We expect to fill the 300-person auditorium. The event is being held jointly by Democrats Abroad and Republicans Abroad, with voter registration, and the debate between Obama and McCain will be followed by a debate between local representatives of both parties that will be moderated by a Spanish TV news anchor. There will be a bar, by the way — this is Spain. It will be fun.

In fact, debate parties are planned across Spain and the world.

Don't disappoint us!

Tags: political, spanish

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