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Mount Orégano
Sue Burke
Werewolves of Chernobyl 
25th-Nov-2008 02:55 pm

Werewolves are native to Chernobyl — honest. In the 5th century BC, the Greek historian Herodotus wrote that members the Neuri tribe, which lived there, turned into wolves once a year. That, and my visit to Chernobyl in 2006, are the factual bases of my short story, "Werewolves of Chernobyl," in the anthology WolfSongs Volume 1.

It's on sale now from Amazon and from Lulu, which earns the publisher and authors slightly more money.

Edited by M.H. Bonham, shadowhelm, in this anthology you'll find stories by best-selling and up-and-coming science fiction, fantasy, and horror authors about the myths and legends of the wolf. As dusk fades into night, you'll hear the wolfsong calling to your imagination.</lj>

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