Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

Obama can enrich your Nativity scene

They say it's an honor, but you decide.

In Spain, Nativity scenes are the indispensable holiday household decoration, and in Catalonia, northeastern Spain, Nativity scenes traditionally include a figurine of a peasant farmer personally fertilizing his field as a symbol of a productive coming year. But Catalans have an acid sense of humor, and soon the figurines began to include politicians, public figures, and anyone else that they wanted to "honor" by making them a caganer. (Caganer is related to the English word caca.)

This year, President Elect Barack Obama has been added to the long list of notables available for you as you deck your halls. Other caganers include King Juan Carlos I, the Pope, Hugo Chavez, Pau Gasol, and Don Quixote.

You can order your Obama caganer, with an attractive turd included, for only 14 euros from (shipping extra). Be sure to watch the YouTube videos at the site, especially this one which shows how the Obama figurine is lovingly crafted:

Merry Christmas.
Tags: political, spanish

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