Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

First day: Running of the bulls in Pamplona

Bulls from the Alcurrucén Ranch ran through Pamplona this morning, and they were fast: only 2 minutes 30 seconds from corral to bull ring. No one was gored, though about three or four runners were treated for minor injuries.

The bulls knocked down quite a few runners, however, as you can see in this photo by EFE. You can also watch this video of the entire encierro, with commentary by Javier Solano. He has of 21 years of experience covering the run, and before that, he ran in the encierro. (Commentary in Spanish, como Dios manda):

I saw two well-known, highly experienced runners get knocked down, which teaches us that although you may know what you're doing, if what you're doing is crazy, your wisdom may not get you very far.

Radio Television Española has a very nice area in its website devoted to Fiestas de San Fermín:
The part No seas 'guiri' could be translated as "Don't be a stupid foreigner." It includes the suggestion that drinking until you pass out in the street is not a great idea.

— Sue Burke

Tags: bulls, spanish

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