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Mount Orégano
Sue Burke
Third day: another fast run in Pamplona 
9th-Jul-2009 11:13 am
Let me see..

The bulls from El Ventorrillo Ranch took only 2 minutes 20 seconds to run through downtown Pamplona this morning, accompanied by thousands of men and a few women. No gorings, a few injuries, mostly from falls, and a "clean" run. The pack stayed together until the end of Estafeta Street, when some bulls tripped over runners.

You can watch the video here at La Cuatro Television, with a helpful map:

And you can watch it here at TVE, Televisión Española, with expert commentary by Javier Solano:

Why are the runs unusually fast? There are several reasons, the biggest being that the bulls have not paused to attack anyone. But one is perhaps the most interesting.

Just as the top human runners prepare for the encierros and arrive in good athletic condition, in the past couple of years the ranches have been training the bulls, using dogs and horses to make them run laps in their pastures. The bulls also arrive in top athletic condition, ready to run.

— Sue Burke

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