Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

Peanut butter!

My local supermarket now carries peanut butter, something almost impossible to find here in Madrid -- except at Taste of America, the specialty food store near the U.S. embassy.

Genuine American peanut butter, though it's a brand you may have never heard of in the United States, Capitán Maní. (Maní is a Latin American word for peanut.)

You can no doubt share my thrill at seeing the star-spangled label with Captain Peanut dressed up as a baseball player -- what could be more American than that? The label says "USA" a total of seven times in different places, including in the assurance that it is real imported peanut butter from the USA. At least they love us for something.

It's certified Kosher, by the way -- that's one thing that distinguishes American products from Spanish products. Proof that it is indeed imported.

For the modest price of 3.30 euros/US$4.25 for 340 grams/12 ounces.

Time for a sandwich.

Tags: spanish
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