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Sue Burke

Bittercon: Vacations, writing, and inspiration

[This is a topic in bittercon, the convention right in your back yard ... rather than being at Worldcon.]

We're not wasting our vacation time in Montreal, but we all (I hope) take vacations. How do they affect our writing?

For me, they've inspired locales for stories, but never stories themselves. But your mileage may vary.

For example, my story "Aliens Love Oranges" was based on my visit to my grandmother in Florida and places we went, including the Kennedy Space Center. But the story is about a young woman in Florida who makes some unusual friends, and no grandmothers appear. In fact, my grandmother being how she was, I didn't have time to think about a story until I got home, but luckily I tend to keep all the tourist brochures, photos, maps, and souvenirs I get on trips, so I could reconstruct the details easily.

In this case, the characters also visit the Kennedy Space Center, and young woman is impressed (as I was) by the authenticity of everything there: this was no Disney amusement park, this was real science, and she was looking for something real in her life. So she decided to reach for the stars, as best she could.

You can find the story here, if you're interested:

What about you? Have vacations inspired or affected your writing? How? Where have you gone, and where would you like to go? For that matter, must a vacation involve a change of locale?

By the way, I'll be away from my computer on Saturday. I'm taking a day-long vacation to enjoy cool mountain breezes and medieval sights in Buitrago de Lozoya, a town near Madrid:

— Sue Burke

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