Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

Give to Ralan!

If you write short stories, poetry, or novels in speculative fiction — including science fiction, fantasy, horror, humor, mystery, or sword and sorcery, along with military, romance, or adult — then you already know about Ralan's SpecFic & Humor Webstravaganza. If not, you should. Go right now to

It doesn't get much more useful that this. Even better, I've met Ralan Conley, and he couldn't be a nicer guy. He created and maintains the site out of the goodness of his heart. You can use it free, or you can say "thanks" from the bottom of your wallet.

This month, Ralan is accepting donations. He's asking for $10/7€, and if you've ever sold a piece using information from his website, doesn't he deserve a cut?

I gave him $20 because he's been twice as useful to me as he thinks.

— Sue Burke

Tags: personal, writing
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