Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

La Noche en Blanco

It was White Night last night in Madrid, an all-night celebration of art and culture: free museums, movies, theater, concerts, dancing in the streets, marching bands, art, spectacles, poetry, and even a few zombies – almost 200 activities. The streets downtown were blocked off and filled up with people.

My husband and I went out and spent a few hours wandering around, enjoying the crowds and perfect weather, visiting sites and sounds at random, and marveling at the huuuge lines to get into popular places like the Prado.
A couple of highlights:

El Burro Grande presided over traffic in front of the Atocha train station. It satirizes the giant bull often used as a symbol of Spain. The sculpture will be donated to any town with a commitment to art and enthusiasm for a big donkey.


You could get free dancing lessons, via large screens in various plazas, in hip-hop, ballet, disco, and, shown here, Bollywood, with enthusiastic students.

Tags: spanish

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