Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

Scary Spanish flash fiction to download for free

Just in time for Halloween, Ediciones Efímeras, in Spain, has published Nocte de Dinfuntos, a 24-page anthology of short-short stories in Spanish. Its contributors are members of NOCTE, the Spanish Association of Horror Writers. You can download it free in PDF, FB2, and EPUB formats at:

This is a great way to practice your Spanish and celebrate Halloween.

If that were not enough, Ediciones Efímeras has also just published Bilis, a collection of Twitter-length stories by Santiago Eximeno, master of horror. It contains 140 texts as his Halloween gift to you. "If you would have preferred death," he says, "you should have told me earlier." Download it as a PDF, FB2, or EPUB at:

A sample:

He vuelto a casa... para vengarme, dijo el redivivo, su cuerpo medio descompuesto. Nosotros nos mudamos ayer, lo siento, respondió la mujer.
I've come home... to get revenge, said the revenant, his body half-decomposed. We just moved in yesterday, sorry, the woman responded.

Jamás te olvidaré, me dijo el robot instantes antes de que borrara por completo su memoria.
I'll never forget you, the robot told me the instant before I erased his memory completely.

Tengo un papá de cartón. Sí, ni habla ni me abraza ni me dice buenas noches, pero es mejor que el tuyo. No me grita. No me pega. No me odia.
I have a cardboard dad. Sure, he never talks or hugs me or tells me good night, but he's better than yours. He doesn't shout at me. He doesn't hit me. He doesn't hate me.

The downloads are free, but a PayPal donation are always welcome:

— Sue Burke

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