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Mount Orégano
Sue Burke
Consider Anthology Builder for holiday gifts 
25th-Nov-2009 11:32 am

If you want to give a personalized gift of literature for the holidays, consider Anthology Builder at http://www.anthologybuilder.com/

As the name implies, you can build your own anthology of short stories. Here's how it works:

First, you chose a cover design and title. There are 480 designs to chose from right now, although artists are always adding more.

Then you can select up to 350 pages of fiction from 500 stories (right now) including classics like Poe or Jane Austen, children's stories, romance, thrillers, humor, and even a few stories by me. You can preview the beginnings of the stories to be sure you'll like them.

You can arrange them in the order you like and include a personalized introduction.

You can also select a ready-made anthology about a specific author, genre, or even "safe fiction" (age appropriate) for a teenager.

Then, you pay $14.95 and a professionally printed book arrives at your door. Except that you will get 15% off all anthologies ordered by December 5, which means they'll cost $12.70.

You can also buy an Anthology Builder gift certificate so your giftee can build their own anthology.

Just an idea. Sometimes we need them at this time of year.

— Sue Burke

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