Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

Expat survey: the best country that's not home

If you're going to be an expatriate, what's the best country to live in? Canada — especially for its high quality of family life, ease of integration, and a good environment for children.

That's according to the most recent global survey of expats, Expat Experience, by HSBC Bank International. Australia came in 2nd, and Thailand 3rd.

The US came in 8th. Expats said getting healthcare and organizing finances were particularly difficult — but we already knew the healthcare and banking systems desperately need reform.

I live in Spain, which came in 9th, and would have ranked higher except that Spain speaks Spanish. The international community prefers English. But expats ranked it the healthiest place to live. Of course: lots of olive oil, red wine, sun, and siestas.

Of the 26 countries in the survey, the four worst were United Kingdom at 23rd, Russian Federation 24th, India 25th, and Qatar 26th.

Overall, survey respondents said the benefits of being an expat were financial rewards, improved quality of life, cultural opportunities, career development, and travel. The regrets were missing family and friends, language barriers, adapting to the culture, establishing a social life, and "constantly being a foreigner."

You can get the whole report and more information about expat life (and a lot of encouragement to make HSBC your bank) at:

— Sue Burke


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