Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

Last night's reading: what you missed

The Fifth Mad Open Mic: Captured Words was held last night, organized by Margie Kanter (thanks!) at the Cafe Concierto la Fídula in the Barrio de las Letras in Madrid.

It's a few blocks from the house where Cervantes lived and from his final resting place, and perhaps his ghost attended to enjoy a packed audience and readings and performances by 20 people – poetry, fiction, and essays covering a wide range of styles and topics. Some were serious, and some, like mine, were not:

Madrid Is Ripe for Conquest
by Sue Burke

Don't blame the owners. Blame the dogs.
Our sidewalks wear their souvenirs.
It isn't in the travelogues:
We all pretend it isn't here.

Dogs' presence in Madrid is clear
with hieroglyphics on the pavement.
The message spreads, and more appears.
Dogs have formed a secret movement.

That's canine code, and evidently
dog-to-dog coordination
spelled out in their excrement
to organize their revolution.

Dogma in communication.
Day by day, they lay their plans
and dream of dehumanization,
a Spain that dogs have overran.

It's time to launch our counter plan,
erase the codes for their assault.
The dog's El Cid, a ruffian,
will fail if he sees clean asphalt.

Stamp out the plans for their attack.
No more doggie dialogue.
It's time to take our sidewalks back.
Don't blame the owners. Fear the dogs.


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