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Istanbul: A few more travel photos

Okay, I went to Istanbul at Easter, but the photos are still worth looking at.

~330 AD: Milion
Erected by Emperor Constantine I when he made Byzantium his new imperial capital, the Milion was a mile-marker and starting place to measure all roads – like the one in Rome but bigger and better, sort of a double triumphal arch with a dome and statutes. It remained intact until the end of the 15th century.

370 AD: Aqueduct
Emperor Valens built a canal to bring water to the city from the mountains, with an aqueduct between the city's hills.

~388 AD: Golden Gate
Emperor Theodosius I built a ceremonial gate of polished white marble and huge gilt doors, decorated with beautiful statues. But as time went on and Constantinople's military fortunes fell, the doors were incorporated into the city walls and reduced in size again and again until they were closed for good. They are now being restored.

412-422 AD: City walls
For a thousand years, the 6.5 kilometer-long wall of Theodosius II protected the city from attack by land. It's really two walls, the principal inner wall and the lower exterior walls, looking over a moat that today is dry and seems to be a prize place for vegetable gardens.

1453 AD: Grand Bazaar
Founded by Sultan Mehmet II, it's a labyrinth of thousands of small stores arranged around covered streets. The Bazaart has been expanded and improved over the years, but its merchants still use the traditional greeting: "How can I help you spend your money today?"

1455 AD: Yudekuli Fortress
Yudekuli means "seven towers." Two of the seven towers of this fortress are the towers that flank the Golden Gate. Sultan Mehmet had it built, and in time it became a notorious prison for both the Ottomans and the Napoleonic troops.

1459-1852 AD: Topkapi Palace
The sultan lived and governed from the complex of luxurious buildings behind these gates.

1640: Sünnet Odas Building, Topkapi Palace
This facade was decorated with tiles reused from older palace buildings and prized for their beauty.

— Sue Burke

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