Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

Spanish to English to Spanish

As you know, I'm doing a serial translation of Amadis of Gaul, a medieval Spanish novel, at

I was looking at an analysis of the site by a service called Site Meter, It provides a variety of information about the site use, maybe too much information.

I discovered that there are two users in Mexico -- I don't know who they are precisely, just their ISPs -- who read the site regularly translated via Google back into Spanish. I'm always delighted to have readers, but the book is readily available in Spanish. Granted, it's medieval Spanish, which is tough sledding sometimes, but that's no worse than Google machine translation, which has trouble transferring English syntax into Spanish syntax without garbling the meaning.

Anyway, I'm pleased, but mystified.

— Sue Burke

Tags: amadis of gaul

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