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Mount Orégano

Sue Burke

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Sue Burke
21 June
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I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, lived briefly in Austin, Texas, y'all, and moved with my husband to Madrid, Spain, in December 1999. We moved back to the United States, to Chicago, in July 2016.

I've worked for more than forty years as a journalist, both as a reporter and editor. I also write poetry, essays, and fiction, especially science fiction, and Tor has published my first novel, Semiosis, in February 2018.

I hold a master-level Diploma in Translation from the Chartered Institute of Linguists, and I've translated a variety of works from Spanish into English.

You can find out more at my professional writing website: https://sueburke.site/
More about my novel series Semiosis is here: https://semiosispax.com/

I've also translated the medieval fantasy novel Amadis of Gaul a chapter at a time at http://amadisofgaul.blogspot.com/

Why Mount Oregano? "The mountain isn't all oregano," as they say in Spain: No todo el monte es orégano. It means that nothing is always easy going. Everything has prickly and stinky patches. You might find some here.

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